Agronomy and Biotechnology for your crop


We are agronomists, experts in the biotechnological processing of natural sources. We are here to offer the grower something unique and innovative.


We have intensely researched and experimented with the cultivation and development of our crop, to be able to develop specific products and incredibly efficient formulas. A range of natural products to cover all your plant needs, adapted to all types of growing mediums, genetics and growers. 


Our products are fully adapted to the needs of your crop. You can see here our full range.


Created to cover your crop’s basic needs, from the first week of growth all the way to harvest, ensuring success in terms of production and quality, without sacrificing taste and aroma.
Easy to use products, great for beginner growers.


A product range specially formulated to achieve production and quality excellence. A boost for your plants that will draw out their maximum yield and genetic potential. This range includes natural aroma and flavor enhancers and other highly beneficial compounds.   

A range created for the most demanding growers. 


Our GUARDIAN range of products includes different and exclusive solutions under MJ-SHIELD technology, which function TE corrector, these solutions are completely natural and have no adverse effects on the crop.  

The technology developed by THE HYPE COMPANY so its reaction is much more powerful when needed, and all the energy saved in overcoming stress can now be used for blooming and producing.