RAZIEL LITE is a liquid, organic and non-hormonal soil conditioner which helps increase the root system, without phosphorus*, that improves soil conditions for root growth. 

It contains zinc, a trace element directly involved in the production of natural hormones in the plant, providing them with extra energy. 

*RAZIEL LITE is a formulation recommended to be applied with mycorrhizae, since it does not contain phosphorus facilitating the mycorrhiza installation.

Nuestro producto mejora el crecimiento del sistema radicular, a la vez que facilita la instalación de las micorrizas.



Introduce into the fertigation solution in the first two weeks after the transplant. Repeat at 7 days and at times of high need for root system. 

Being free of phosphorus it is compatible with the application of mycorrhizae, so we recommend its joint use with MYGAL.